We have launched a range of new kayaking tools with the aim of addressing many common problems with current kayaking equipment. We set up a new special website for the tools where you can check them out and buy them online, either for delivery or for pickup here in Lanzarote if you're coming out to paddle!
We called our tools company Sea Flow Designs, and you can see the tools at, and for news updates you can visit their facebook and instagram pages.
They're very popular, and clients normally buy them to take home after paddling here and trying the tools out! There are some examples below, but be sure to visit the website to see the full range.

Spraydeck easy release

A big step forward in kayaking safety. One of the dangers of sea kayaking is someone getting stuck underwater and unable to pull off their spraydeck. This can happen with very tight spraydecks, which are great for keeping you dry but many people do struggle with getting them off quickly, or at all in some cases. We designed this tool to be easy to fit to a spraydeck and conveniently leave in place, making even tight spraydecks easy to remove.

Skeg tool

A handy multifunctional tool for removing small stones that stop the skeg from deploying. Safer than a knife in rough water and it won't scratch the gelcoat, plus it also floats so you won't lose it if you lose your grip, which is another advantage over the knife. It has a hook and elastic line which can be used quickly to wrap around the stern to keep the skeg in the up position if it's broken and stuck in the down position.

Tow hook

A tow hook designed for kayaking, rather than repurposing carabiners, this hooks onto a deckline quickly and it's easy to do with one hand even in cold conditions. It can be rigged up so that the person being towed can release themselves if needed, and it can also be used with the towline as a step when re-entering the kayak during a self rescue.