Overnight camping

Two day trips and an overnight camp on La Graciosa

Come on a mini adventure exploring the north of Lanzarote and the Chinijo archipelago! We're excited to be able to offer a two-day trip with overnight camp on La Graciosa island, a stunning place to paddle and watch the sun set in the evening. The campsite is in a small sand dune area close to the shore with views of the Lanzarote cliffs and the low-lying volcanos of La Graciosa. A usual itinerary would be to paddle out from Orzola harbour in the north of Lanzarote on day 1, cross to Pedro Barba on La Graciosa island and paddle the eastern part of the island, stopping for lunch at a beautiful remote sandy beach. There might be time for a bit of surfing in the afternoon depending on the conditions, before setting up camp close to Caleta de Sebo. On day 2 we'd paddle the western part of La Graciosa and cross to the Famara cliffs on Lanzarote, where we'd stop for lunch at a remote cliff-backed beach before paddling back to Orzola. But the trips can be tailored to the group, so we can incorporate a ferry crossing and do two shorter trips or, for the more adventurous souls out there, we can include a paddle to the remote island of Montaña Clara.

We need two consecutive days with good conditions in the north in order to be able to offer the overnight trip, so it's not something that can be booked in advance. The best thing to do is come to paddle for some day trips, but let us know if you're interested in the camping option. If the forecast looks good, we'll let you know when you're here whether the camping is an option. You don't need to bring any equipment with you, so you can decide on the spur of the moment! Obviously it depends on whether the whole group wants to camp, so the best bet is to bring your own group of friends so you only need to decide amongst yourselves.

The extra charge for an overnight trip is 80€ per person. We provide tents, sleeping bags and mats, breakfast and dinner. There's no cooking allowed at the campsite as it's in a pristine area, so we walk into Caleta de Sebo to eat at a restaurant. There's a small toilet block and you just need to bring overnight clothes and spare paddling clothes - you can leave the rest at your accommodation!

La Graciosa is a paradise for sea kayakers, so what better place to wake up and watch the sun rising over the Lanzarote cliffs than from this idyllic island?